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Do not give Johnny's Marine Sales and Service a deposit to repair your boat!A reputable company will not ask for a deposit.

I took my boat in for a new motor and he kept trying to sell me a rebuilt motor. At the least, I would have considered a new long block from the factory. after many excuses and several months of why he couldnt get to my boat ( he was not authorized by Mercruiser) he showed me a rusty block that came out of a boat that was under water and told me he was going to rebuild my engine with it. I said absolutely not!

its not what I wanted. I asked him to refund my money and I would take it somewhere else to get the work done, keep in mind he had my boat for six months when he told me originally that I could have it back in 2 weeks. He refused to give me my money back. and I had to call the police to get my boat back.

My attorney tried to reason with him.

he only offered a fraction of the 4,000.00 deposit that I gave him.I will be seeking a full refund plus court cost and damages in court.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. palmettopirate stated that there is a room for improvement of dishonesty. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of other product and associated monetary loss in the amount of $4000. Johnnys Marine Sales And Service needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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These moments are unfounded.Johnny Murray has worked on my boat and done outstanding work for over 3 years.

He is an honest and hardworking guy. Let me tell about my experience with him.

I have a 34 ft Cruisers Yacht 3375 with twin inboard mercruisers. I first came across Johnny about 3 years when I needed to haul the boat and get the bottom paint done. I was told about him by a friend and was glad I found him.

His pricing was significantly better than anyone else. This was the first time I had done the bottom paint since I had bought the boat and soon discovered that the previous work had been botched due to inadequate prep work. Although Johnny could have taken advantage of the situation he did the exact opposite and took care of the whole problem and at a very reasonable price.

After that very positive experience he became my indispensible go-to guy for all of my work on the boat.

Before meeting Johnny I had to replace one of the 454 mercruisers due to water ingestion problems. Two years later I experience the same problem. In addition to doing the work to replace the engine at a reasonable price Johnny figure out that the recurrent problem was likely due to the riser design being too short so he changed the riser to avoid the same problem. The boat has been running great ever since.

This guy is incredibly knowledgeable and does a great job.

On a number of occasions Johnny has demonstrated his very strong...

During hurricane Mathew I was on an extended stay out of state and unable to get my boat to shelter.

Johnny helped me out and got my boat to a safe place and didn’t take advantage of my situation.

There are countless other stories similar to this. This guy takes care of his customers and is honest and trustworthy. I have recommended home to friends and they have had similar experiences.

I would not take my boat to anyone else.

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North Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1249322

Deren Sawyer, you are a liar.Johnny Murray is one of the most honest, hard working men in Charleston with a reputation to back it up.

He is THE BEST engine builder and boat mechanic in Charleston SC. Your attemt to slander him with eventually backfire. All those people that you have cowardely bullied over the years will eventually come to haunt you. You need to stop, this world is hard enough to live in and you are making it worse ....

you are acting like a 10 year old spoiled child.

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to Anonymous Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1249354

Brittany, or Tammy not sure which one of you posted this... Just tell him to settle... This is ridiculous!

to Anonymous North Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1249724

My daughter Brittany has nothing to do with you, she has never even heard of you! Please leave her out of this.

to Tammy Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1251192

Just proved my point!I know who's posting and you know I know.

it doesn't matter anyway... that day will come also. Defending johnny as a good mechanic is okay. You are only feeding to it and making it worse by posting the other post attacking me calling me a spoiled brat...

look I'm 50 years old can you do better than that? I'll just take that as a compliment. This causes me to reply. I never said once that johnny was a bad mechanic!

I took my boat to another shop and purchased a new engine and had it installed by a CERTIFIED Mercruiser mechanic. I'm only suing for my deposit back for work that was NOT performed while my boat sat there for more than 4 months. Johnny NEVER repaired my boat so I have no clue to what kind of mechanic he is. so Tammy STOP IT!

Trust me you've caused me to spend half my day on the phone with google to remove the slanderous remarks made. And I've learned a lot. You had your fun but you are now making things worse for you when you keep adding remarks to the thread and attacking me, which makes no sense?? If some of these are your friends they should just say how happy they are with johnnys service without attacking me and calling me names.

( childish) that way I don't keep responding to each post attacking me. Then you will have less negative post on johnnys. Get it? I don't care about these other people and how happy they are, but when you or anyone else pull my name in a comment I'll respond to it and...

I hope johnny is successful and has every boat running smoothly in Charleston. I just want my deposit back from work that wasn't performed. and when I'm settled in court I'll retract or let everyone know I was satisfied. If I said anything Slanderous it would've been removed from online just like I had the things you posted removed...

this is getting exhausting but I will have my day in court! Johnny did offer my money back when we were standing at the back of his truck looking at a rusted block that came from a boat that he told me that took on water. And he did try to get someone to call him back for weeks to see if he could purchase a new engine but I could no longer let my boat sit there for months when it was repaired in two weeks from another marine business. I wanted all new factory engine or block...

never used!!! I got what I wanted and I happy with my boat. Just kindly refund my deposit of 4,0000. For not performing the work I wanted.

If it's legal to keep deposits without doing the work then I'm starting a new business!

Come on' you think any judge is going to allow you to keep money for not doing the work??

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The person making these complaints is a coward and a liar.Johnny Murray is one of the most honest, hard working men in Charleston with a reputation to back it up.

I would challenge you to give him a chance. Come to his shop and watch him work .... his shop is always open and all work is visible.

He is THE BEST engine builder and boat mechanic in Charleston SC.


None of these comments are true. This is a desperate attempt to slander Johnny and ruin his business. Sad people resort to these levels out of jealousy.

Smithfield, North Carolina, United States #1231193

You guys did not know that he scours old boatyards and old forgotten boats for parts?Johnny is a leprechaun of sorts.

He turns junk into gold-cash that is. Well known for the Johnny engine in these here parts. A grinder, some paint thinner, a sandblaster, and-presto. Perhaps a crankshaft or head or two but otherwise after the krylon she's NEW.

Just drive or sail away without asking any (or two many) questions and she runs for awhile. Patchwork and bandaids are his tools of the trade.

And a six pack of beer and he gets references-from his pals.Smart huh?

That's Johnny Murray's Marine legacy.

to Anonymous North Charleston, South Carolina, United States #1249725


Riverview, Florida, United States #1230927

His marine engines are out of old cars and he sandblasts and paints them.He has no mercruiser account.

There is no OEM warranty at Johnny's Marine in Charleston. Only lies. Like others are writing I too found out the hard way.

Won't be dealing with crooked Johnny Murray any longer.He should be in jail.

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